The information we collect is solely for the purpose to give guidance to the users who seek it. Our website is very much user friendly and welcoming but at the same time we also expect from our users to maintain some boundaries and pay some respect to our policies while they are taking benefit from the website. The policies are as follows and the users are requested to read them first and follow them to avoid any inconvenience. It must be kept in mind that these policies are deduced not only to secure the rights of the website but also to keep the environment better and user friendly.

The Extraction Of Personal And Non Personal Information

  • The non personal information is taken by the site once the user is directed to it and starts roaming through it. This information is harmless and is not capable of risking the user’s privacy. We keep the code of maintaining the site safe and user friendly. The non personal information includes the technical facts which are as follows:

(a)    The operating system which has directed the user to the site

(b)   The server which has permitted the user on the site

(c)    The device which is being operated by the user

(d)   The browser which is under the use of the user

(e)    The location of the server and the device as well

(f)    The IP address is also taken.

  • The personal information is not extracted by the site but is taken by the user only when the user provides it. This information is asked from the user when he tries to access certain pages of the site which are protected more than the other main pages nad if the user declines to provide the information then the access to those certain pages is also denied to the user. The user will be able to use the site but with certain restrictions. The personal information includes:

(a)    Name of the user

(b)   E-mail address of the user

(c)    Location of the user

(d)   Phone number of the user

(e)    Date of birth or age of the user along with the gender of the user

The Rightful Protection

Most of the time the users think that the information which they provide is not secured. That is why it becomes one of the greatest reasons for their hesitation when providing their personal information. We make sure that the information provided by our users stays safe and for that we have the most protected security software which prevents any kind of invasion or hacking. The sharing of information is not considered appropriate by our management and that is the reason the information remains confidential and private. Still if the users feel uncomfortable in sharing the information then they can still use the site but with certain limitations.

The Copyrights Sealed

The content available on the site is for the users to avail and is uploaded for their guidance but at the same time if the users are using this content for illegal purpose or for the benefit of their personal sites or material then they will be responsible for the consequences since they will be charged by the law for the crime of plagiarism.

Cookie Crawl

In order to improve the quality of our site’s performance we have added the use of cookies. These cookies get into your system via internet and then provide the passage for these plug-ins and applications to run. Certain users are unwilling to allow these cookies in to their system. These users can easily change their settings by going to the “cookies settings” but at the same time certain plug-ins will not work for them and the site will be unable to provide it all to them due to the cookie blockage.

Ads and Google

Some advertisements and Google Adsense is also added in to the website. Once the users clicks on these adds then he is directed to another websites which does not follows our policies and will have the policies of its own. The website is not responsible for that site’s actions. At the same time these sites also use cookies for better performance but it is completely up to the users to avoid these ads. The Google ads do not use any cookies and are very simple and incapable of doing any harm to the user.

Working Under The Act Of Privacy Protection Under The Age Of 13 Children

The data of our website is collected and uploaded by our team members who are very much experienced and highly qualified. There is no chance of any child having his hand in providing any information since no information is accepted by a user who is under the age of 13. Membership is also not provided to such users. The content is uploaded after very careful checking and it is made sure that the content is not capable of appealing any user who is under 13.

Authority Of Change

The management owns the authority to bring changes in the privacy policies any time they want to. The best way for the users to follow these terms is to scan the privacy policy after every month or two. Any new change is added in the bottom of the page so that the users who don’t want to read the complete policy again can also find out about the new changes easily.

No Formal Ways

Once the users gets into the website then he or she is not required to fill a form in order to provide the acceptance of the policy because once the user starts using the website then his acceptance of the policy is considered automatically and from then on any deviation from the privacy rules will cause his blockage from the site or any strong action against him depending on the nature of his deviation from the policy. The users who follow the policy rules are entertained with the latest applications and tools provided by the site since they are given complete access.

The Help Desk

The help desk and the comment section is available for the convenience of the user and is very much reliable. The users can communicate easily and can resolve any query they have but it is to be made sure that no abusive language is used otherwise actions will be taken immediately against the user.

Policy For All

The acceptance of the rules of the policy is imposed on all the users. It is essential to keep the environment friendly and peaceful. The website provided the data for the benefit and guidance but is against the use of the data for personal benefits.

Third Party Involvement

Third party involvement is restricted and is only applied when necessary although the privacy of the users is not at all affected by it. The website is completely harmless and is the content of the site is not allowed to be copied. If any user is suspected as having a criminal record or is suspected as involved in some criminal activity then the site’s management won’t hesitate to share the information with the authorities.

Read the policies carefully and feel free to enjoy the applications and tools of the website. We respect you and expect the same from you.

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